9/11/01…The Day the Sky Stood Still.

September 11, 2001 will be a day that I will never forget, as is the case for the majority of America. For me, it will always be the day that the sky stood still. I remember being frightened for all the young men I thought would be called for the draft. I remember not feeling safe anymore, thinking that it was the first time that I had ever experienced an attack on our soil and wondering what that would mean for America.

Would there be war and famine on our land? Would it be World War III? Who died? How many people? Why had this tragedy happen to us? Many questions that I know many other people had.

(I wrote a very basic poem below a couple months ago and don’t have the heart to delete it, despite it’s basic content).

September 11, 2001 should not be a day that we forget. Those that do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it. We should learn how to better prepare for, defend against and prevent these types of events from happening. I know that security measures are now in place to help aid in prevention of terror attacks. However, that is not the only thing that should be garnered from the situation.

What many people, myself included, noticed a large amount of patriotism and unity all across the nation. I would love to see more of that. You do not have to agree with your government or potential candidates for presidency in order to have compassion for your fellow man and patriotism for the country that you live in. Be grateful! Despite it’s shortcomings, we live in, in many ways, the greatest nation in the world.

Since the Civil War, no war has actually been on our soil (acts of war and terrorism, are not the same).

It was the first time that myself and most of my generation had any inkling of terrorism and its implications both here and abroad. It must of been devastating beyond words and terrifying to be at Ground Zero and other points of attack. I am moved to tears viewing the footage.

I remember shock and utter silence in the skies, after I saw two stealth bombers fly over my small hometown, headed north to New York. Later, I found that all air traffic nationwide had been grounded.

My favorite tribute of the day happens to be Alan Jackson’s ” Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning” song. It is poignant and speaks what many of us felt and remember about that fateful day.

Like many, I can remember exactly what I was doing and where I was at 9:03 A.M. September, 11th 2001. I still cry when I think of it.

I should have been in school, like millions of other middle class suburban kids across the country. Instead, I was spending the morning sleeping on a friend’s couch, because, we were homeless. Again.

My mother and twin sister woke me, screaming that America had just been attacked and that we were at war. I turned to see the t.v, bleary eyed from sleep, just in time to see the second plane hit the South Tower. I was fourteen and in the ninth grade. I wept outside, in fear for friends and family, for boys I thought would go to war, for my country and my life. I wept for the lives lost and for kids that lost their parents, for the first responders that helped in the aftermath.

One of the things that strikes me to this day is airplanes overhead, I am always nervous when military aircraft fly overhead, especially when they fly low. I always pay attention to the sound of the aircraft, for I remember a day when the sky stood still.

The Day the Sky Stood Still

The day the sky stood still,

Twin Towers plummeted,

Patriotism skyrocketed,

Terrorism was noticed,

Pearl Harbor will be a day,

that will forever live in infamy,

9/11 will always be,

for me,

the day the sky stood still.

The day dawned crystalline,

blue and bright,

puffy clouds and,

crisp autumn air.

Forever lives lost,

Eternal are their memory,

Our soldiers, firefighters and police bear the cost.

May Freedom forever ring,

Even Lady Liberty wept,

We will still sing,

Tomorrow is not a given,


tomorrow holds a promise,

of hope, laughter, love and light.

We have the right to a free education in America, the right to vote, bear arms, , the right to protest, the right to practice any religion of our own choosing, among many other invaluable freedoms, many other countries do not. People died and fought for our rights. Use them, be proud of them, lest you wish to lose them. These are things that should NOT be taken for granted. They say the flag does not fly in the wind, it waves with the breath of every soldier that gave their life for their country.

There is racism and and atrocities affecting our communities every day. Let’s be the generation that changes that. bring back the unity, kindness and pride that we displayed after 9/11 make a comeback. Be the change you wish to see. Let today and every day be a day you do an act of kindness for someone. Even if it’s just a smile or a hug. As infamously quoted by President Abraham Lincoln, “A house divided cannot stand.”

May Freedom forever ring,

Modern Mommy (Stephanie Wilcox)



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