Happy Grandparent’s Day

Sign My T-Shirt is an amazing company! I love the concept, create a personalized t-shirt, have your friends and family virtually sign it and Voila! You have an creative, unique and fun shirt for all occasions!

My dad had a stroke recently, and it was an eye opener. It reminded him, to take it easy and to be more health conscious and it reminded me that we do not have as good of a relationship as I would like us to have. It’s loving, however, I live far away from most of my family and life has a way of getting away from us.

Father’s Day is approaching and I wanted to give him a gift as unique and special as he is!

Enter Sign My Shirt!

It was super easy and fun to make a t-shirt! Here is a video, just in case you want to see how easy it really is!


It was so fast and simple, I did a “Father’s Day” theme, complete with kids and grandkids signatures. It’s so cute!

I picked the t-shirt size, color fit. Then I picked my text (color and font), any pictures (I ended up not using any) and then saved my design. I then invited family and friends to sign. It was so easy!

I created my own poem for the back.

I think he will be pleasantly surprised when he opens his mail! I think he will love the time, thought and uniqueness of the gift.

I love the  innovative concept behind this cool company!   Great gifts for any occasion, a great price and an awesome product!

Get signing!

Modern Mommy


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